If you are a busy professional, a blogger, a rockstar who is always on the road or just someone who needs help with some administrative areas in your life, I am here for you. I have 20+ years of experience doing the behind the scenes work needed to make an event happen and run smoothly.

I made the transition into Virtual Assistant due to being part of a military family who never knows where the government might tell us to go next. Being a bit of a computer nerd, I have loved every minute of research, editing and digital filing I have done in this position. I can be anywhere you need me to be – anywhere in the world!

Do you have a big event and you need some hands on assistance? I love to travel. Do you need someone to keep up with some crazy spreadsheet for you? I’m yours!  Do you need help that can make you look amazing and no one knows about it but you? I am the Phantom!

Contact me and let’s discuss your needs. I’m here for you.